The School of Contemporary Mysticism

We promote the Truth teaching and nothing less than the purity of its Truth.

Spirituality for the 21st Century
THE SCHOOL OF CONTEMPORARY MYSTICISM is the cutting-edge institute for learning the universal principles of nondual mysticism and for developing a deeper, authentic spirituality rooted in the teachings of respected bona fide mystics.

The School functions as a clearing house for mystical knowledge and higher spiritual learning.   Additionally, it provides extensive spiritual services to students and mystical aspirants for acquiring and using the necessary developmental and transformational practice skills to cultivate the “art of living the mystical life.”

Whenever relevant and applicable, the School avails of and uses modern scientific discoveries and research breakthroughs in physics (quantum mechanics and theoretical physics), astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, neuroscience, neurology, anthropology, genetics, medicine, computer technology, artificial intelligence, psychology, psychiatry, and relevant other areas of scientific study or research enquiry.   The information serves to corroborate, reinforce or amplify understanding of the long-standing tenets of classic mysticism in a postmodern era.

“Our brand of mysticism is the only proven authentic contemporary mysticism that is born of 21st century enlightened spirituality.”Marc



Our Vision

Graphic image for Vision and Mission showing little boy holding the world in his hand.

Spiritual illumination.  The School serves an open community of spiritual seekers who desire to pursue “higher spirituality” through mystical enlightenment or illumination. Through its tenured spiritual faculty, the School channels the spiritual knowledge, discernment and understanding, the necessary soul skills, the process of attaining illumination, and the grace to help students succeed in reaching that goal.

Contemporary mysticism.  We are dedicated to promoting and advancing contemporary mysticism in a pure authentic form appropriate to the 21st century, as distinguished from the many pseudo-mystical or faddish “new age” teachings being promoted in the marketplace of belief systems in the world. The School is committed to advancing only the finest, purest mystical teachings that uphold the principles of the Truth teaching and conform with the nondualist oneness (advaita) of mysticism.

We have a firm vision of a global spiritual awakening driven by the unyielding divine promise of humanity’s mystical illumination.

Spiritual discernment.  We value and firmly uphold “spiritual discernment” as a guiding factor in spiritual learning. Our School believes that strict observance of spiritual discernment is the prudent way for students to avoid the pitfalls of religious dogmatism and metaphysical error and to prevent the harmful scenario of “the blind leading the blind.”

Jesus replied, “Every plant not planted by my heavenly Father will be uprooted, so ignore them. They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch.
(The Christ, Matthew 15:13-14, NLT)

Mystical transformation.  We recognize that the realization of oneness (or Truth) and spiritual illumination are attained only through a process of mystical transformation in the awareness and life of the individual. We know that this spiritual transformation in consciousness can be accomplished only through the activity of an inner grace which enables a person to undertake the spiritual journey along the mystical path of life. To this end, we assist and guide sincere seekers of Truth through the transformational process that will bring about the mystical experience of union and oneness with God.



Our Mission Statement

We make spiritual illumination easily accessible to everyone; the attainment of God-Consciousness, a practical reality to anyone who desires it; and the mystical experience, an authentic transformative encounter for those who seek it earnestly in consciousness.

Our School’s mission and purpose is to promote contemporary mysticism and advance its practice in its truest, simplest, and easiest form and style —

    • to encourage as many individuals to undertake their inward journey to soul illumination,
    • as a most natural developmental phase in the evolution of human consciousness and the human race,
    • as necessary to the health and wellness of people, and
    • as the only effective and practical means for attaining global enlightenment and lasting world peace.

The School is managed and operated by Contemplative Pathways under the supervision and guidance of its visionary founder, spiritual teacher, learning facilitator, and resident mystic — Marc. Through Marc’s spiritual teaching activities and facilitation, the School dispenses the grace of spiritual transmission or darshan to benefit its students.

In line with our mission and goals, the School functions within a very contemporary setting and environment for our teaching work and the learning activities of students. The School uses applied computer and information technologies whenever feasible, as instructional presentation tools for the complex esoteric nature of contemporary mysticism as a subject matter of learning, whether for simplifying and communicating abstract ideas to students effectively or for disseminating the core information available from mystical literature.



What is contemporary mysticism?
Contemporary mysticism is the present-day incarnation of the ageless wisdom found in the Truth teaching of classic mysticism.  It is a revitalized expression of the philosophia perennis or the perennial philosophy of mankind.

It is mysticism for 21st century Truth seekers and students. Here is mysticism that is plain, easy to learn and practice, uncluttered by cultural settings or influences, free from the bias of religious doctrines and dogmatic beliefs, clear and simple to understand with an open receptive mind, acceptable readily to an open heart, and, above all, absolutely TRUE.

Contemporary mysticism
is the core and backbone
of our School.

The School’s spiritual learning programs introduce students to the spiritual journey along the mystical path of life. Students will learn how to live the mystical life successfully in their daily activities, despite seeming obstacles or problems that may be presented by the demands, complexities and difficulties of living in a 21st century human world.

Contemporary mysticism advances the proposition that:

    • Spiritual illumination is readily accessible to everyone.
    • The attainment of God-Consciousness is a practical reality to human individuals who desire it.
    • The mystical experience is an actual transformative personal encounter with the presence of God Within, for those who earnestly seek it and dare the transformation in consciousness.

We cannot undertake the journey for you or for others, but we can and we will encourage, assist and accompany travelers along the mystical path of life. We shall be a spiritual friend and a mystical companion to you and to them on the spiritual journey.

To learn contemporary mysticism over the Internet, visit our learning site here at WordPress by clicking on the main menu bar item labeled “The Mystical Path” at the top of the page. The site is our online study resource, learning guide and information reference for the mystical path and the spiritual journey.



Where and how do we conduct our activities?
The School uses both traditional delivery methods of formal instruction in a setting such as a classroom, person-to-person meeting or lecture hall, and modern technology-driven delivery and communication formats.

    • In-person class/seminar meeting style usually conducted in a regular classroom-type or workshop setting at a determined physical venue or location.
    • Online webinars and meetings, i.e., cyberspace classes, seminars or talks held over the Internet mainly using a web conferencing medium and format.

Group meetings or gatherings are organized usually for the purpose of collective class instruction, seminar-workshops, contemplative practice group meetings, meditation sittings and spiritual fellowship (satsang).   We hold one-on-one meetings for individual instruction, mentoring and spiritual direction activities.

Please refer to our Calendar for scheduled webinars, seminars, classes, workshops, contemplation meetings, meditation sittings, or other meetings and activities.

An Invitation to You

We can’t use God or truth, but by attaining an inner stillness, God, or truth can use us. Photograph of modern-day mystic Joel S. Goldsmith.It can manifest itself through us as healing if we have chosen the healing profession, as inventions if we are inventors, as music if we are composers. God is infinity, and all that is, is an emanation of God. Whether it is to appear as engineering principles, scientific principles, literary works, art works — whatever it may be — it must be an emanation of God, and we the instruments through which and as which it is to function on earth.
(Joel S. Goldsmith, from “The Foundation of Mysticism,” 194–195)

You are invited to . . .

    • Experience “enlightenment of the mind” or “soul illumination.”
    • Practice meditation in a supportive environment and setting.
    • Develop methods and skills for centering, contemplation and spiritual mind treatment to enhance your spiritual practice.
    • Learn the foundations of authentic pure mysticism such as The Infinite Way, to guide your journey along the mystical path.
    • Identify the unifying thread of the perennial philosophy that weaves through the major religions and spiritual systems of the world — the common denominator and point of unitive convergence.
    • Experience wholeness in your life and enjoy the fullness of being.
    • Problem-solve life’s situations from the transcendental perspective of the mystical life and spiritual healing.
    • Rise above the operation of karmic law and nullify karmic cycles or patterns by living and functioning under divine grace.
    • Receive the blessings of darshan (spiritual transmission), the gift of the Dharma (the Truth teaching), and the benefits of mystical association and community (satsang).

Partnering with Us

You may partner with our School and its mission,
or give donations to the School online.

Give generously, for your gifts will return to you.
(Ecclesiastes 11:1, NLT)

"Grape Vines"

The Vineyards of the Spirit Where Workers Are Always Welcome

Our websites provide spiritual light, inspiration and guidance to students and Web visitors and guests.  If you are among those who have been blessed by our sites or who benefit from them, please make a donation of any amount to help sustain our spiritual work and ministry. Your donations are always welcome. (Please use the secure PayPal widget above by clicking the “Donate” button.)

We thank you and we bless you. God prospers you infinitely.Thank You Smiley.

The bread you cast on the waters of life will come back to you increased and multiplied.
— Joel S. Goldsmith —


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